How Using an Online Travel Site Saves You Money

The travel industry has changed a lot over the last few decades. Twenty years ago using an online travel site wouldn’t have even been an option. If you wanted to book a holiday, most travel lovers simply took guidance from their local and trusty traditional travel agent.

Fast-forward to 2013 and there are so many online travel sites to choose from that most people have become accustomed to booking everything themselves.

But how and why exactly does an online travel site save you money? What can it do that traditional travel agents simply can’t?

An online travel site has more buying power

As a travel customer, you’ll benefit the most from the fierce competition out there among the various online travel sites. It might feel like there’s so much choice sometimes that it becomes confusing, but it’s exactly that choice that will get you the best deal in the long run.

All the competition you see online – all the different options available to you as a travel customer – actually increase your chances of getting a better deal compared to booking with a traditional travel agent.

An online travel site allows you to compare prices simply

With an online travel site, travel lovers can compare and contrast prices from across the whole of the Internet. Price comparison sites and online travel cashback sites like this one see to that.

Most of the online travel sites offer packages that include airfare, accommodation, car rentals and anything else you may need to make your time away just right. Then, once you’ve found the best deal for you, it’s just a matter of clicking and booking.

An online travel site is open 24/7

Why wait for office hours to call your travel agent when an online travel site is open all hours? You can book anytime and from anywhere you please, making it a much more convenient and appealing option.

It is also easier to check the status of your booking online, and some airlines even provide information regarding available seats etc.

An online travel site can give you cashback

As a cashback site dedicated to all things travel it would be foolish of us not to mention the one huge benefit of an online travel site – cashback!

Booking through a traditional travel agent will never earn you money back from your travel purchases. Travel cashback really is an advantage that only an online travel site can offer its customers – and one a travel agent just can’t compete with.

These are just some of the perks of booking your travel with an online travel site. To make sure you’re rewarded for all the travel you book online from now on, sign up for a free travel cashback account now.

Get the Best Online Travel Deal for Your Summer Holiday

With summer already upon us, those looking for that perfect last minute online travel deal will need to look just that little bit harder. If this applies to you, here are some hints and tips to ensure you don’t end up paying over the odds for your last minute summer holiday.

Get the best online travel deal: Accommodation

If you’re looking to book accommodation for your summer holiday at the very last minute, be aware that you might not get your first choice. That doesn’t necessarily have to spell disaster though, as you could still bag yourself a great online travel deal if you’re willing to be a bit flexible.

Don’t be afraid to consider alternatives to what you’d normally go for if it means you can get a better deal. For example, check out self-catering options if you normally stick to hotels, and be flexible with your dates if you can. The more open you are about what sort of accommodation you stay in and the dates that you stay there, the more likely you are to get a better online travel deal.

Get the best online travel deal: Transport

Whether you’re looking to travel by train, plane, ferry or car, there are usually some last minute deals that can be snatched up.

As you probably already know, flying in the summer holidays is generally more expensive than flying at any other time of year, but there are still a few tricks to ensure you get a good deal.

Consider flying in the last week of August; it’s almost that ‘back to school’ time, meaning students and families with children are less likely to be travelling and planes might not be quite as full. If you do find a good deal on flights, don’t hesitate – you’re not the only one searching for that perfect online travel deal, and if you don’t act quickly the seats will get taken fast. The same can also be said if you’re looking to travel by train or ferry too.

If you intend to rent a car while you’re away, some car rental companies do offer last minute special deals. Bear in mind that it’s sometimes the smaller sites that you may not have heard of that will end up getting you the best online travel deal on your car hire – check out for instance.

Get the best online travel deal: Package Holidays

In terms of last minute deals for your summer holiday, package holidays can really come up trumps. Simply Online Travel have three pages dedicated to bargain holiday deals alone, plus there’s the package holiday deals you can find on all the usual price comparison sites.

Package holidays are great as they require minimal planning (most of them include your flight, hotel and transport – plus food and drink in some cases), and generally offer the maximum value for your money. Again, being flexible with your dates will mean that you’re more likely to get the best online travel deal as many are for a set amount of days – typically seven or fourteen.

So if you remain flexible and know where and how to look, you can still pick up a great online travel deal for your last minute summer holiday. Many of these types of deals depart within a week or two of booking, so while it’s good to act fast to snap up that perfect online travel deal, don’t forget to check all the details before you hit that ‘book now’ button!

Get cashback on all your future travel and holiday bookings: Sign up here for free now.

Why You’re Not Getting the Best Holiday Deals (Hint: You Don’t Use a Cashback Site)

Most people put a lot of effort into finding the best holiday deals online and when they think they’ve found them they simply click and book, satisfied that they’ve got the best deal.

But invariably they haven’t.

Because once you’ve found the best holiday deals for you, the one thing you can do for maximum savings is to then log into a cashback site and make the purchase via that site instead. For the best chance of the most cashback it helps to use a cashback site that’s dedicated to the travel industry too (like this one!).

More and more people are cottoning on to the fact that booking holidays in this way can really make a difference to your travel savings. Your holiday will inevitably be a large purchase – even after scouring the web for the best holiday deals available. By going through a cashback site you can really reap the rewards and claw some of that cost back.

Getting the best holiday deals

In fact, you can use a travel cashback site to find the best holiday deals in the first place. Think about it – you have all the major (and smaller) holiday companies at your fingertips and all in the one place.

A cashback site isn’t biased about which car hire company you should use, or who you book your flights with – instead it presents the different companies for you to choose from in a completely unbiased way.

It then allows you to click through and earn money back on top of getting the very best holiday deals.

A good cashback site therefore should have plenty of choice when it comes to different retailers and service providers. You should be able to browse through each section and make a choice about your purchase based on your own individual preferences, circumstances and financial situation.

As mentioned above it’s useful then if the cashback site is dedicated to a particular niche or industry – the volume and range of retailers will always be greater and more varied.

How much can you save with a cashback site?

It varies, depending on your individual holiday of course, but here’s an example of how much you can save on a typical family holiday just by clicking through to the retailers mentioned from this site:

  • Flights and accommodation:

£3000 spend at 1.5% cashback with easyJet Holidays
Cashback = £45.00

  • Car hire for one week:

£150 spend at 3.5% cashback with Argus Carhire

Cashback = £5.25

  • Travel insurance

£50.00 at 9% with Debenhams Personal Finance

Cashback = £4.50

So you can see that getting the best holiday deals isn’t just a case of finding the best priced deal on the web and then making your purchase. In the above example if you visited a cashback site you’ve just saved yourself almost £55 for doing nothing other than clicking through the links.

As more and more people catch on to the obvious benefits of using a cashback site to save money on big purchases like holidays, it’s only the people not utilising this money saving method that are missing out on the very best holiday deals out there.

Getting the Best Travel Deals for Your Long Haul Trip

To get the best travel deals on long haul trips you have to look in slightly different places than if you’re just nipping over to Europe on a budget airline.

Book as early as possible

For the cheapest long haul flights, always book as early as possible. You can book flights up to eleven months in advance and this is when the cheapest seats are released for long haul flights. Yes, there may be the odd sale halfway through the year if some seats are proving difficult to sell but it’s unlikely and certainly can’t be relied upon. The fact remains that if you know your plans and want access to the best travel deals on your long haul flights it really does pay to book early.

To start with check the big flight comparison websites like Expedia and Net Flights. Like it or not it’s the big travel companies that have all the big buying power – which means the best travel deals for you and your long haul trip.

Find out how flexible your flights are

After getting a ball park figure for your flights it’s a good idea at this stage to find out if you have the ability to change your dates whilst you’re away. You can book early and save money at the time of paying for your long haul flights. The thing is, if you then get charged the earth to change a date later on it really doesn’t work out as the very best of travel deals after all. If you’re booking through a price comparison site then check with the airline directly – simply give them a quick call.

Date changes can make a serious dent on your travel fund and that money could be spent on much more exciting things while you’re away. You might not want or need to change your dates of course and this is something you have to weigh up for yourself and your own individual long haul trip.

Getting the best travel deals means more than just getting the cheapest flights

When searching for the best flights you also need to consider booking any tours, campervan or car hire, accommodation or anything else at the same time too. If you’re thinking, ‘I’ll just do that separately nearer the time – it’ll be cheaper,’ then you might want to reconsider. Many travel providers and websites get deals on land arrangements, often offering big discounts if you book all the elements of your holiday together.

Your scope for more cashback is better if you book flights and hotels together too. For example, there are 32 travel companies listed under Holidays on this site and most of them give you more cashback if you book accommodation and/or car hire along with your flights too.

So to recap, the most important things to remember when searching for the best travel deals for long haul trips are first and foremost to get an idea of costs via a price comparison site and book as early as you can. Then find out the conditions and restrictions of your ticket and check to see if booking accommodation, tours and car hire will save you even more money.

Don’t forget, for maximum savings at minimal effort always make sure you earn cashback on whatever travel deals you end up going for too.

How to Get to Bruges with a National Express Discount

We were on a coach, within a train, under the sea. We figured that travelling by coach from London to Bruges was surely the cheapest and most interesting way to get to our favourite Belgium city. We paid £35 each way and got a National Express Discount in the form of 1.5% cashback from this site.

Of course we weren’t doing anything exactly new here. Hundreds of people travel from the UK to mainland Europe under the Channel sea every single day – the Channel Tunnel (or ‘Chunnel’) has been open for business since the nineties. We knew that it would be the cheapest option but was a coach really the best mode of travel in terms of timing and comfort?

A National Express discount and an early morning start

To get our coach from London to Bruges we booked slightly in advance using our National Express Discount. We left London Victoria coach station at 8am sharp (after all, this coach had a train to catch) and weaved our way past Buckingham Palace, down the Mall and continued southbound towards Folkestone in Kent.

Our Dutch driver was ever so prompt, as were the immigration officials at the border – they just hopped on board with a ‘bonjour’ and collected our passports for inspection. Very quick and efficient.

Crossing the Channel

Our driver then carefully maneuvered the coach into a train cabin and there we were – on a coach, within in a train under the sea.

The whole journey was quite a strange affair. I didn’t even realise we were moving until we were about half way across the Channel and I became aware of the sounds of a train, if not the motions of one. In fact it really didn’t feel like we were moving at all and I half expected to see the white cliffs of Dover again when the coach eased off the train and daylight once again flooded in.

However, after just 30 minutes of travel we were undoubtedly in France.

The drive from France to Belgium didn’t take long, and it took perhaps two hours or so to get from the coast of France, past the signs for Brussels and into Bruges itself. Although we did experience a bit of traffic on the final part of our journey, we arrived at our final destination at around 2pm local time.

Not bad for a morning’s work.

All in all, I would definitely recommend getting the coach from London to Bruges. It wasn’t half as uncomfortable or time consuming as I’d thought it would be and is an absolute godsend if you’re on a budget.

Get your National Express Discount now and book a coach trip adventure to anywhere in the UK or Europe.